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Add:NO.1 Shun xing Street, Hengshui City Hebei Province.
Power steel structure company
wind power equipment company(hebei)
wind power equipment company(tong liao)
ultra-high voltage steel power company
lighting technology company
illuminant branch company

Hebei Ningqiang Group, established in 1983, now has developed into a large-scale joint-stock enterprise group, and has owned 1100 staff with total area 700 acres, consisting of six subsidiaries:Power steel structure company, Ultra-high voltage steel tower company, Hebei ningqiang group hebei qiangsheng wind power equipment company, Qiang sheng tong liao wind power equipment company, lighting technology company, illuminant branch company.
The product is divided into six series:the transmission line power steel pole(tower), ultra-high voltage steel tower, communication tower, wind power tower, high-pole lamp, roadway illumination, landscape lighting, illuminant etc.It is the largest professional steel pole manufacturer in north China and the well-known enterprise of the lighting facilities.Based on the mission of"science and technology is the first productive force", Ningqiang Group has established lighting design institute and pole&tower designing institute.During the accumulation of last 20 years, Hebei Ningqiang Group has been appraised as the top 100 enterprises in Hebei province;and have obtained three national patent and even passed ISO9001:2008(quality management system), ISO14001:2004(environmental management system), ISO18001:2001(occupational health and safety management system)certification etc.

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